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Shapes to feel Inspiration / Brunello Cucinelli

The nature explores its countless realities through the material and its many forms, each one is unique and distinctive. More often than not, the material transforms and changes its appearance, acquiring new and unexpected aspects. From its visible surface to its core, the material awakens our senses. We open up to the world as we …


Sunlight Symphony Inspiration / Brunello Cucinelli

The new collection draws inspiration from light, nature, and its colors to create an aura of calmness and spontaneity. Delicate light neutral hues blend together with shades of beige and brown, recalling the sense of connection between the bright sky and the materiality of the land. All the materials reveal a sense of natural lightness, …


The Canali Impeccabile 2.0

A clear goal; a long road; unexpected obstacles: the life of a modern-day man is full of challenges to overcome, but always with that requisite touch of elegance. The Canali Impeccabile 2.0 suit boasts a combination of sophistication and performance, ensuring that you look perfect – whatever you’re doing, wherever you are. Impeccabile 2.0 is …