Shapes to feel Inspiration / Brunello Cucinelli

The nature explores its countless realities through the material and its many forms, each one is unique and distinctive. More often than not, the material transforms and changes its appearance, acquiring new and unexpected aspects.

From its visible surface to its core, the material awakens our senses. We open up to the world as we perceive shapes, colors and a multitude of other forms of expression of the so-called “realm of the senses”.

Thus, we connect with an intriguing and ever-changing reality and its many nuances, which is always new and dynamic.

The sensations we feel on our skin, the colors we see, the enveloping shapes that play with perspective. Like plaster, marble or paint on canvas, natural yarns and ethereal fabrics are shaped into new forms and colors, that strike the eye and capture our attention.

All these elements paint a colorful picture, that we should discover through our senses and imagination.

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